On 30 May, there's 2x the reason to donate in support of type 1 diabetes research.

Australia is at a turning point for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. With new treatment options on the horizon and screening initiatives scaling faster than ever before, there’s never been a more exciting time to support local breakthroughs. And twins Allie and Ayva are DOUBLE the reason to DOUBLE your impact.

When you choose to donate from now until 30 May, your investment in a world without T1D doubles – helping make the next big T1D breakthroughs a reality.  

About JDRF's Giving Day

Our Giving Day campaign is the one time of the year where your generosity works twice as hard to support the brightest minds driving cutting-edge research here in Australia. 1 by 1. Donation by donation. With DOUBLE the impact.  

How? EVERY donation made on the Giving Day website will be matched by incredible businesses, philanthropists and charitable trusts who are committed to improving lives affected by type 1 diabetes.

Twins Allie and Ayva are your reason to DOUBLE your impact for breakthrough T1D research

"Living with T1D is incredibly demanding, avoiding getting our technology devices wet – no small feat with two toddlers involved."

"Our days are a balancing act between work schedules, ensuring one of us is always available for our daughters. Despite the challenges, our family remains united, finding strength and happiness in each other as we navigate this journey together."

— Sean, dad of twins Allie and Ayva 

Matching partners

Your investment in T1D research...

Disease-Modifying Therapies

Insulin has been the sole treatment option for T1D for over a century. Now, Disease-Modifying Therapies (DMTs) offer new hope. Here's how JDRF-funded research is exploring this promising area.

National Screening

Thanks to the T1D National Screening Pilot Program, we could soon detect every child in the early stages of T1D before symptoms begin. This would reduce complications like diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis.


What is JDRF's Annual Giving Day?

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Our Annual Giving Day is a chance for the dedicated type 1 diabetes community to raise vital funds for research. As we all know, research holds the key to unlocking type 1 diabetes. This is the chance to make a HUGE impact on type 1 diabetes research as all donations from the public will be matched! 

When does it start?

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It begins at 10am AEST on the Thursday 30 May 2024 and goes for 24 hours. 

Can I donate before 30 May?

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Yes! All donations made at givingday.jdrf.org.au will go towards our Annual Giving Day. If you want to donate right now, it will still be counted against our goal amount, you just won’t see it on the page until 10am AEST on 30 May. As soon as we’re live, you will see your donation on the page and who has matched it.

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