About Us

JDRF is the leading supporter of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research in the world.

Our vision? A world without T1D.

JDRF has transformed the understanding of this condition and been a part of every breakthrough in T1D care in the last 50 years. We drive innovation, demand action and stand with everyone facing life with T1D.



For 50 years, JDRF has been part of every major advancement in type 1 diabetes (T1D) care. As the top funder of T1D research globally, we bring together leading minds to create real improvements for the T1D community.



Our relentless advocacy alongside our supporters has brought tangible change for the T1D community. We've reshaped governmental perspectives on T1D, securing almost $500m in new investments over a decade - and we're not done yet!



We're a community-driven organisation dedicated to supporting Australians with T1D at every age and stage. Our resources, team, and community stand by you from diagnosis to adulthood with T1D. Visit our website to learn more.

More on the T1D research we support...

Disease-Modifying Therapies

Insulin has been the sole treatment option for T1D for over a century. Now, Disease-Modifying Therapies (DMTs) offer new hope. Here's how JDRF-funded research is exploring this promising area.

National Screening

Thanks to the T1D National Screening Pilot Program, we could soon detect every child in the early stages of T1D before symptoms begin. This would reduce complications like diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis.

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This Giving Day, $50 = $100! Your donation can fund the collection of blood and saliva samples from 20 Australian children participating in the JDRF-funded T1D National Screening Pilot.
This Giving Day, $75 = $150! Your donation can help researchers confirm whether an individual is autoantibody positive - the first hallmark of T1D.
This Giving Day, $250 = $500! Your donation can help fund key pieces of the puzzle allowing those living with T1D, or in its early stages, to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials testing new treatments for T1D in Australia.
This Giving Day, $500 = $1,000! Your donation can contribute to the support of a world-class immunologist running clinical trials testing new DMT treatments right here in Australia.

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